The Battle Begins

So You Want To Be The DJ



An event as Epic as this one will be, we will need to take every step to ensure that it lives up to its potential.  You know its a certain type of Dj that could rock our parties so we are on a quest to find an Old School- Hollander-Ridge House Party DJ.  We have several DJ’s who want to host this monumental event but only one will fit.  If anyone wants to show us their talents here is your platform.  If you know a DJ that fits this description and is willing to show our community his credentials.  Have him send us a Facebook live video, post, etc.  And we will post it for our community.   If nothing else it will give them a platform to showcase their talents.  Let’s see if anyone is up to the challenge for corner # 1.  All takers and suggestions submit now.  We will begin posting this weekend.


In Corner NO. # 1 

Contender # 1