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Welcome Back Home.  We would like to thank all those who have chosen to become a part of this great platform to celebrate a historic community such as Hollander Ridge.  We all have lasting memories and bonds that were formed from experiences in our Community.  We decided that just because of political pressures and outside forces decided they could take down buildings and attempt to scatter a community doesn’t make it so.  We are now and always will be the Historical Community of Hollander Ridge.  We as a community will move into the 21st century and secure a place in posterity.  Let’s stand up and build something we can all be proud of. 

You know we can get into all types of theories of the psychological effects of destroying historical buildings /communities but that’s another discussion for another article.  It has always been a practice throughout history to use psychological warfare to destroy a people.  To break them up and scatter them throughout the world.  There is also a saying that states that they will become victims of their own psychology.  That being said, I am, and always will be, proud to have been a part of the Hollander Ridge Community.  Our Motto and our Pledge Are Hollander Ridge 4 Life.  Join in and watch us rebuild a virtual community to represent Hollander Ridge.  Everyone has something to offer to this community from the smallest child to the oldest adult.  So this is a call to all true community members to roll up their sleeves and come to the table, we got work to do.  Let’s start the conversation and began to build our community.   This will be something that is sure to be great.

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