About Us

Our Vision Could Be Explained In Terms Of Infinite: Unmeasurable And Undefined

We know that we can not define the distance of infinity so our vision statement will have to continue to grow with our values.  


Our Story


The Hollander Ridge Story would encompass massive volumes of books.  With such a rich and creative community our story has to be told.  This will be one of the platforms that will allow us to write this story.  So stay tuned as we continue to add to the story and see how it unfolds.



Meet the Team


It’s been a great start and plenty of motivation to start this journey.  We would like to introduce ourselves as the Committee members who have been instrumental in this Historic Event.   This Committee will continue to grow as we branch out into different directions.  We appreciate your support in the building of this Community.  We look forward to the growth of this community and its team members.  It will take a Team To Build This Dream.


Team Members Are:

  • David Barnes 
  • Alveta R. Davis
  • Tara Bracey
  • Lorraine Wallace
  • David J. Telp SR